Understand which modern Apprenticeships might be right for you

This is the first, and arguably the most important step, to making sure that you are making the right decision. Follow where your interests lie. If you are interested in modern Apprenticeships such as Digital Marketing or IT then research into potential job roles that could be available after you have finished. It is all about planning ahead.

Create and upload your CV

Hopefully, if you are actively looking for an Apprenticeship then you will already have a CV prepared. Your CV doesn’t have to be too detailed at this point but will need to outline your grades, your ambitions and all of your education and job history. Make it interesting and tailored to the job that you’re interested in applying for. On Apprentice Career we encourage you to make a profile for yourself with your CV. This way you can find all of the Apprenticeship positions close to your area!

Contact with your Apprenticeship Provider

Once you have uploaded your CV to Apprentice Career, your local 3aaa Apprenticeships Academy will be in touch with you to discuss your options! If you are then successful, they will talk you through the process of applying for modern apprenticeships and any extra support you may need. This could include interview hints and tips, CV writing or extra support before you head out to the employers for interviews. This is not a time to worry. 3aaa Apprenticeships will provide you with everything that you need to make sure you are going fully equipped to the potential employers.

Interviews with potential employers

Once the 3aaa Apprenticeships team have got to know your strengths and interests, they will arrange interviews with potential employers in your local area. These are employers who are actively looking for Apprentices and are eager to get young people on board. Your CV will already be ready and this will be your time to shine.

Successful interview

Once you have had a successful interview and the employer wants to get you on board, this is when your modern Apprenticeship really begins. You will agree a start date and will also have days out to your local 3aaa Apprenticeships Academy where you will be studying for your qualification. This will fit into your day-to-day work so you can not only learn on the job but also get support and training from the 3aaa Apprenticeship Academy.

Modern Apprenticeships are a great way to get your foot in the door of top employers and with the help from your Apprenticeship provider, you will kick your career off to a flying start. The average length of modern Apprenticeships are 12 months with the option to progress onto a level 4 qualification to further your knowledge on your chosen subject.

If you have any more questions about Apprenticeships or would like to learn more about modern Apprenticeships and opportunities near you, then contact your local academy today: https://3aaa.co.uk/academies/