• Employer Name
    Parcel Pick UP
  • Distance from acadmey
    • 3.3 Miles
    • 14 Minutes
  • Address
    Bristol BS4 1ET, United Kingdom

Job Description

Great opportunity to join a niche courier company.Looking for an individual to come on board and learn the digital processes. You should have a desire to learn about new digital media and their applications in a business context.We would like the candidate to bring their own experiences to the table and help the business grow.

You will have a dual role in the Company – Customer services and digital marketing.


  1. Customer Services: You will grow into this role with ongoing training. Your job will be to take calls from PUDOs about deliveries they have received and may have questions about egg. How to log a delivery on the system. You may also take calls from clients about their deliveries e.g. a parcel which has gone missing. You may also start to train PUDOs in the system (it’s straightforward but some may need some help from time to time). You will always have support in whatever you are asked to do.


You may get a number of calls every day, some days you may not get any calls. Most days therefore you will also be involved with digital marketing (and social media).


  1. Digital marketing: You will assist Lucy (and Ed) with our rapidly growing online presence through Face Book, Twitter, Google groups and LinkedIn. We are developing our 3 websites (front end) and you may be involved in this. We send out regular digital Newsletters and Mail shots and are part of online forums, magazines and groups. You will be a central part in the growing of our businesses through these platforms.


Your role should take the following path:

First 3 months – Trained on the following platforms / digital processes:


  1. Google doc sites where the Parcel PickUp / Parcel Holders intranet is located


  1. Customer service support and help desk solutions provided through Zendesk, Zendesk voice, Zendesk chat via Zopim and Infobip – SMS texting service for customer support.


  1. Cloud Post – Sending Address Verification letters, for Parcel PickUp customers via the ‘cloud’.


  1. Task organisation and record keeping through Wunderlist and Capsule CRM (where we store our Customer relationship management info for sales and marketing)


  1. Social media profile building – LinkedIn, Face book, Twitter and Google groups. You will already be familiar with some of these; you will be encouraged to explore ways to expand our media presence through these (using video, images, articles, links etc)


  1. Recruiting shops to become PUDOs


At the end of the 3 months you may be spending half your day on a delivery ‘active consignment list’ (through our websites)


Next 9 months – Junior assistant – Help desk development and digital marketing assistant

You will assist in the:


  1. Development and improvement of business processes (ISO 9001-14001 accreditation)


  1. Creation of help files for clients, customers and PUDO staff (many of these will be video files hosted


  1. Digital marketing emailing (MailChimp) and ROI analysis, Google ad words and remarketing.


  1. Continuation of 1 to 6 above

Working Week

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm 40 hours per week


Requirements & Prospects


Ideally a minimum 4 GCSE’s C and above Including Maths, English and ICT (or equivalents)

Desired Skills

• Computer literate
• Interest in social media

Personal Qualities

• Able to work under pressure
• Able to work to specific times/targets
• Ability to work well in a team and on your own
• Enthusiasm to learn and develop

Future Prospects

Year 2 - Client account manager Continuation of digital marketing and in addition, you will be trained in utilising: 1. Google docs - Implementation strategies and case studies 2. Google spreadsheets - Generation of business case studies 3. Google slides - The creation of business presentations 4. Google apps mapping - Creation of visuals As well as a continuation of the roles / tasks from Year 1. (Year 3 – Additional responsibilities: Assisting with launching the service internationally)

  • Apprenticeship Length
    12 Months
  • Training Provider
    Aspire Achieve Advance Ltd
  • Academy Location


Throughout the duration of the Apprenticeship you will be required to attend the 3aaa Digital Marketing Academy based in Bristol for an intensive 3-day block study. This is followed by attendance at the Academy on day release once a month thereafter for structured training, and the remainder of the training will be completed in the workplace. The Apprentice will work towards an Advanced Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing. The Apprenticeship consists of:
• Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing
• Level 2 Functional Skills English, Maths, ICT (if applicable)

Qualification Gained

Advanced Apprenticeship (Level 3)