Apprentice Progression – your journey to the top

Stage 1 - Level 3 Apprenticeship
Stage 1 – Level 3 Apprenticeship

During your Level 3 Apprenticeship, you will get an outline knowledge of your chosen career. It will also allow you to function in an ‘Assistant’ type role.

Stage 2 - Level 4 Apprenticeship

Stage 2 – Level 4 Apprenticeship

A Level 4 Apprenticeship will build on the outline knowledge learnt in your Level 3 Apprenticeship and give you a deep understanding of your career and industry.

Stage 3 - Experienced Team Member

Stage 3 – Experienced Team Member

Once you complete your Level 4 Apprenticeship, you will have 2 years industry experience, a wealth of knowledge for your profession and will become an experienced team member. This is your opportunity to become a hugely valuable asset to your employer and the starting point of progressing to management.


Stage 4 - Team Leader or Equivalent

Stage 4 – Team Leader or Equivalent

With the experience of working in industry, you may have the opportunity to lead others in their career and become the expert in your chosen area. This gives you an experience of leadership, which will be a fundamental part of becoming a manager.

Stage 5 - Managerial role

Stage 5 – Managerial Role

You’ve got the knowledge and experience. Now is the time to take all that you have learnt and step it up. You may be managing staff, resources or processes and will be responsible for your work. This is an important step in your career and will give you the managerial experience you need to progress your career further.

Stage 6 - Senior Management

Stage 6 – Senior Management

After you have learnt how to effectively manage, you will have enough experience to progress to senior management. This will give you the opportunity to develop further in your career and will be an accolade of all the efforts you put into developing your career.