• Employer Name
    Breeze (IT) Limited
  • Distance from academy
    • 4.2 Miles
    • 16 Minutes
  • Address
    Colwick, Nottingham NG4 2JY, UK

Employer Description

Job Description

The role will involve working with Microsoft ASP.NET (MVC and Web API), SQL Server and web technologies such as HTML5, Bootstrap, Typescript and Knockout.JS. The successful applicant will be motivated and enthusiastic and help provide solutions for a wide range of clients and related industries.

Principal Duties
• Working within main development team and reporting to the Technical Manag-er and also project managers where appropriate.
• Learn company standards and working practices.
• Learn technical front-end (web) development skills through actively developing applications.
• Learn about developing back-end API development and develop relational da-tabase (design and querying) skills.
• Use technical resources such as books, online documentation and forums to solve problems.
• Interact with development staff.

The role will begin with training and exercise tasks but will evolve into developing new features and fixing problems in existing live applications. The timescales for this will depend on capabilities of the apprentice.

Specific technical areas and tools
• HTML5 (incl CSS, JavaScript)
• TypeScript
• Bootstrap
• Knockout JS
• MS SQL Server
• Visual Studio 201

Working Week

Semi-flexible, 37.5 hours a week. For example 8:00AM to 4:00PM or 9:00AM to 5:00PM with 30 minutes lunch break.


Requirements & Prospects


A minimum of 5 GCSE’s C and above Including Maths, English and ICT (or equivalents)

Desired Skills

  1. • Some experience of web development and programming, e.g., own web site or site developed for friends, family, etc.
  2. • Able to focus on a technical task for long periods and not get distracted.
  3. • Good technical problem-solving skills - e.g., solving problems through research, finding solutions on Stack Overflow or knowing who else to ask if stuck.
  4. • Some level of aesthetic skill, e.g., knowing when a user-interface layout looks like a dog’s breakfast – and a desire to fix it! Able to interact and communicate with other team members.

Personal Qualities

  1. • Aptitude for the job
  2. • A desire to continually learn new skills
  3. • A degree of self-motivation

Future Prospects

Full permanent prospects.

  • Apprenticeship Length
    13 Months
  • Training Provider
    Aspire Achieve Advance Ltd
  • Academy Location


Throughout the duration of your Apprenticeship you will be required to attend your local academy for 16 days of training. The remainder of your training will be completed in the workplace with your Employer. You will work towards a Level 3, Software Development Technician apprenticeship.

The qualification will consist of:
• Level 2 Functional Skills English and Maths (if applicable).
• Knowledge Module 1 – Software Development Methodologies Part 1 (Introduction).
• Knowledge Module 2 – Programming Part 1 (Introduction).
• Knowledge Module 1 – Software Development Methodologies Part 2 (Plus Exam).
• Knowledge Module 2 – Programming Part 2 (Plus Exam).

On completion of this apprenticeship, you will be awarded BCS accredited Knowledge Modules covering the following topics: Software Development Context, Methodologies and Programming. You will also be eligible to apply for entry onto the register of IT Technicians confirming SFIA L3 Professional Competence.

*Knowledge Modules are specified by the British Computer Society (BCS)

Qualification Gained

Advanced Apprenticeship (Level 3)

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