With such a huge number of graduates leaving university with little to no work experience, all achieving similar if not exactly the same grades, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find applicants with the appropriate skills set to work within their particular industry. In the last few years, Apprenticeships have come to the forefront of chosen educational paths for young people especially within the public sector.

The average graduate, who will have racked up a whopping £50,000 worth of debt over the course of their studies, will find themselves working in a job that does not require a university degree and will be earning £14,734 starting salary in their first job. Numbers such as these are a clear representation of the demise in value of a university degree and with the increase in Apprenticeship vacancies and Apprenticeship careers across all sectors, it is now more than ever the time to find an Apprenticeship perfect for you.

Apprenticeships are increasing in value day after day, with those who complete an Apprenticeship on average having a starting salary of £18,463. With an Apprenticeship qualification being highly thought of and the added experience that would be gained at the same time, an Apprentice will be equipped with more skills and more experience than a graduate and will earn more as a result. With work experience becoming more valuable than grades on a certificate, the need for Apprentices is only going to rise and will put these talented young people at the forefront of being the pipeline future talent.

An Apprenticeship does not only set you up with the qualifications that you need but also the experience that will set you above all of the others. Apprenticeship careers are at the forefront of the plans for the future with more and more opportunities arriving for young people across the country. Why just do a qualification when you could start your Apprenticeship career?

With the demand for Apprenticeship careers increasing, the new Apprenticeship Levy comes into effect in April 2017 with companies seeing their first payment being taken in May 2017. The Apprenticeship Levy will affect all large organizations with an annual payroll of over £3 million, regardless of whether they already currently employ Apprentices. It will be payable by employers in the UK at the rate of 0.5% of the payroll cost through PAYE alongside Income Tax and National Insurance. This will mean that the investment in Apprenticeships will double and will also mean that SMEs will be supported to recruit and train Apprentices. If you would like more information surrounding the Apprenticeships Levy then please visit: our Apprenticeship Levy website.

Looking forward, our website aims to find outstanding Apprenticeship career opportunities for the future talent of the country, matching them up with companies who will provide all of the skills that they will need to begin the career of their dreams. We have vacancies nationwide and our simple map will show you all of the careers that we have available in your local area and then a job description will be available for you to have a look at.