Job Summary
  • Salary
    £130-150 (per week)
  • Location
    Leeds, Leeds
  • Sector
    Customer Services Level 2
  • Duration
    12 Months
  • 5 Positions Available
  • Closing Date
    7th March 2018
  • Employer Name
    Event Protect Ltd
  • Distance from academy
    • 0.8 Miles
    • 6 Minutes
  • Address
    Kirkgate, Leeds LS1 6DP, United Kingdom

Employer Description

Job Description

This role is crucial for the development of the company’s sales pipeline. You will be proactively contacting new prospects by email and telephone in order to secure sales meetings.
As a Customer Service Apprentice, you will be in the first tier of our four tier company structure. You will be reporting directly to the Business Development Manager.


Your benefit is that you’ll be working closely with your senior colleagues which will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to learn from their knowledge and expertise. This should provide you with the tools to kick-start your career in customer service as well as building a strong network from an early stage.


Duties & Responsibilities


– Identifying new leads. Ensuring that the business has enough leads to contact will be one of your most important tasks. To achieve this, you will be making full use of the internet through sites such as Google or LinkedIn to identify new leads that may be suitable for Event Protect. This includes finding the lead as well as the relevant contact information for the decision maker within the business.


– Contacting new leads. Once you have identified suitable leads, you will attempt to contact each one primarily via email. Your responsibility here will be to ensure the lead is contacted until a response has been received, providing excellent customer service.


– Recycling old leads. If no response has been received after repeatedly contacting the lead, you will need to ensure you are proactively ‘recycling’ the leads. This means that you’ll need to find another decision maker within the business to contact and start the contact process again.


– Responding to emails. You will receive responses to your emails throughout the day. Your main objective here is to respond in a timely manner and to try to incite a meeting with a BDM through your use of communication. Your role may also involve responding to general customer queries that have been received.


– Updating our CRM tool. The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool is the software that you’ll be using daily to store and log all customer information. Your duty will be to ensure all information is stored here correctly according to our guidelines.


Working Week

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm


Requirements & Prospects


A minimum of 5 GCSE’s C and above Including Maths, English and ICT (or equivalents)

Desired Skills

The ideal candidate would be bright, ambitious, have good oral & written communication skills and have an ability to ‘think outside the box’. You will need to be prepared to work hard in a fast-paced and target-driven customer service environment where hard work is recognised and rewarded.

Personal Qualities

Enthusiastic, ambitious, innovative, motivated, organised, dynamic, sociable, amicable

Future Prospects

Permanent position for the right candidate

  • Apprenticeship Length
    12 Months
  • Training Provider
    Aspire Achieve Advance Ltd
  • Academy Location


The Apprentice will work towards a Level 2 Advanced Apprenticeship in Customer Services. The qualifications consist of:
• Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service
• Level 2 Functional Skills English, Maths & ICT (if applicable)

Qualification Gained

Advanced Apprenticeship (Level 3)