Understand every stage of your Apprenticeship Journey

Step 1 – Research your potential career

It is important that you do thorough research on your career path before you become an Apprentice. Start by identifying your passions and skills, then use this to build a profile of what you would like to do. At this stage, it is crucial to remember that choosing a career that you are passionate about, as it will ensure that you are satisfied in the workplace.

Step 2 – Sign up to Apprentice Career

Once you have decided on what career you would like to pursue, start the journey with an Apprenticeship. Register your details on Apprentice Career now and we will contact you to help you apply for your dream career and to become an Apprentice.

Step 3 - Meet us at your local 3aaa Apprenticeships Academy
Step 3 – Meet us at your local 3aaa Apprenticeships academy

In your meeting with a local Apprenticeship expert, 3aaa Apprenticeships will work with you to create your CV, talk you through your course modules and explore potential Apprenticeship vacancies. To help us help you, think through your ideal career and bring in examples of things you have done to showcase your skills. 3aaa Apprenticeships will utilise this to identify which jobs your skills would best be suited to and help you to secure your dream Apprenticeship.

Step 4 - Discover your perfect career
 Step 4 – Discover your perfect career

Use the Apprentice Career live jobs map to discover the roles suited to your skills that were outlined in your initial discussion with 3aaa Apprenticeships. Whilst you are exploring the options available to you, the 3aaa Apprenticeships team will be working in the background to promote you to more employers. Tying the two activities together will find your dream Apprenticeship to start your career.

Step 5 - Begin your training

Step 5 – Begin your training

Once you have found your employer to complete your Apprenticeship with, you will begin your training with 3aaa Apprenticeships at your local academy and officially become an Apprentice. The structure of this will depend on which course you do but usually involves a block period of training at the start of your course, then regular days throughout the duration of your Apprenticeship. This will all be confirmed with you prior to starting your Apprenticeship.

Step 6 - Throughout your course
Step 6 – Throughout your course

Throughout your Apprenticeship, you will attend your local 3aaa Apprenticeships academy on regular intervals to receive first class training. In addition to this, you will have assessor visits to your workplace to make sure everything in your Apprenticeship is running smoothly. You will never go more than four weeks without contact from 3aaa Apprenticeships throughout the duration of your programme.

Step 7 - Graduation
Step 7 – Graduation

When you have completed your Apprenticeship, you will be invited to a graduation ceremony to celebrate your Apprenticeship journey. You will be recognised for your achievements in your Apprenticeship and often be given the opportunity to progress your Apprenticeship onto the next level, which will help you advance in your career. 3aaa Apprenticeships pride themselves in offering high-quality Apprenticeships, so completing one of our Apprenticeships is most definitely something to be celebrated!