Throughout school and college I always knew I would go to university, there was never any other options that I considered. At first Photography was my career choice, then after receiving my Foundation Degree in Fine Art I turned to Graphics. While I enjoyed my degree, there were times I thought ‘is this it?…’ I felt that I had learnt more in my own time by messing around on Photoshop than what I did in lessons and lectures. Two years in and I still felt that something was not right, and university was not the right path for me, so I left and since joining 3aaa Apprenticeships, I realised it was the best decision I have ever made for my future.

The interview process was not only friendly and informative but after talking with Charlotte, one of the Recruitment Executives, for nearly an hour it made me more confident about my skills and experience as a young adult, especially with design programmes. We decided that a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship was the best route for me and in less than an hour the Marketing Manager from 3aaa Apprenticeships Head Office had asked to meet me, which was incredibly flattering but daunting. The next day I was being interviewed by him and his marketing assistant then patiently waited for the call.
6 months later and I am sat writing this blog post in the head office and I can honestly say I love my job. The comparison between theoretical work at university and real life jobs at 3aaa Apprenticeships is crazy. Giving you just one example of what I mean, at university we were taught the basics of how to start creating a website, here at 3aaa Apprenticeships I actually create website designs. I have jobs that are dedicated to me just because of my skills and passions, I take and edit photographs of large events, I design adverts, I create artwork that is used in the 41 different 3aaa Apprenticeship Academies which are all over the country and most recently, I designed and wrote a double page spread that is now in a Liverpool magazine…something I could only dream of doing while at University.

My skills and confidence have grown immensely since beginning my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship and I know that I have come much further in my career than my friends that are still doing (or have completed) the university course. This Apprenticeship has allowed me to realise my potential and has opened a door to a real, enjoyable career in something I love…there is always something new to do in Digital Marketing and the money I receive each month is a great bonus too! I just wish I knew about the success of this Apprenticeship route sooner, as I know I would not have gone to university at all. I look forward to completing my level 3 throughout these next months and I will be moving on to do my level 4 in Digital Marketing, as one day I hope to be a Marketing Manager or a Senior Graphic Designer. An Apprenticeship means real progression into the working world and I am extremely proud of how far I have come since starting here at 3aaa Apprenticeships.

I could not recommend 3aaa Apprenticeships and the Digital Marketing Programme enough, this journey has enabled me to start a career that I have always dreamed of doing (without the debt!) and I am incredibly proud of all I have achieved in only 6 months. I am very excited for my future, and there is no better feeling than knowing I enjoy what I do.