Job Summary
  • Salary
    £131.25 (per week)
  • Location
    Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough
  • Sector
    IT level 3
  • Duration
    12 Months
  • 1 Position Available
  • Closing Date
    23rd October 2017
  • Employer Name
    Excelpoint Limited
  • Distance from academy
    • 18.6 Miles
    • 29 Minutes
  • Address
    Newton Aycliffe DL5 6XP, United Kingdom

Job Description

Are you a logical problem-solving person? Do you like looking in to all the details and resolving the problem? If so then we have the opportunity for you.
As part of our fast-paced development team you will work alongside our Lead Developers and be a key member of the product development process with involvement in the internal scoping, design/UX, front end HTML/CSS and development stages of projects.

Although we are not specifically seeking experience in any particular field, if you are a logically-minded person that thrives on problem solving then this role is right for you.

As we currently don’t have a support team and the technical team cover both development and support you will also be responsible for sharing in the support of our customers as per business needs.

You should have the passion, experience and confidence to contribute to research and development within the company to ensure we keep right on top of emerging development techniques (e.g. responsive design, mobile). You should also have a commitment to best practice, an appetite for innovation, and excellent communication skills. If you seek a role where your input is considered, valued and acted upon – join our team.

Skills that Pay Bills

  • Excellent understanding of front end and UI design
  • Good knowledge of and around software development
  • Be capable of developing and maintaining a Test Plan
  • Must be disciplined to document logical and thorough processes that test and re-test all aspects of our product
  • Assist with the support of customer implementations by contributing to the resolution of customer incidents


Working Week

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm


Requirements & Prospects


A minimum of 5 GCSE’s C and above Including Maths, English and ICT (or equivalents)

Desired Skills

• An understanding of User Experience and responsive design and development techniques
• Knowledge of testing tools and frameworks available commercially
• Ability to develop Unit and Integration Test scripts

Personal Qualities

• Passionate about Developing creative solutions to business problems
• Excited to be part of a secure, growing and flexible team
• Able to work under pressure supporting the demands of the project not the clock
• Good communication skills
• Passionate about customers, other team members, the company – your company
• Ability to use and demonstrate your own initiative working independently of supervisory input for extended periods
• Critical Thinker
• Aptitude for Maths

Future Prospects

This role has the capability of becoming a Full Time Tester, a Programmer, or a Business Consultant. A Business Consultant works on customer challenges to convert business requirements into innovative software solutions whereas a Programmer will work on the core product producing source code and core functionality.

  • Apprenticeship Length
    12 Months
  • Training Provider
    Aspire Achieve Advance Ltd
  • Academy Location


Throughout the duration of your Apprenticeship you will be required to attend the 3aaa Technology Academy in Middlesbrough for up to 12 weeks on a block release basis for structured training. The remainder of your training will be completed in the workplace with your Employer. You will work towards a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship for IT, Software, Web and Telecoms Professionals. The qualifications consist of:
• Edexcel Advanced Apprenticeship in IT, Software, Web and Telecoms
• L3 Diploma in ICT Professional Competence
• L3 Extended Diploma in ICT Systems and Principles
• Level 2 Functional Skills English, Maths, ICT (if applicable)

Qualification Gained

Advanced Apprenticeship (Level 3)